Robert Clark is a Canadian actor best known for appearing in Canadian teen sci-fi shows, including his starring role in “The Zack Files,” and, honestly, for being the brother of former Degrassi star (and apparently news anchor!?) Daniel Clark. I discovered him from his later role in “Strange Days at Blake Holsey High,” which ran in the USA on “Fox Kids,” a Saturday morning programming block, when I was a preteen.

Like most kids, I was a regular viewer of Saturday morning cartoons, which is what I usually tuned into Fox Kids for. But I would soon lose interest in cartoons after I caught a random episode of “Blake Holsey” and laid eyes on the cute blonde actor who played Vaughn Pearson.

Not only was he a regulation hottie, but he had a cute boy-next-door charm that made my baby gay heart flutter.

After learning his real name from the opening credits, I looked him up online, searching for any information I could find about him. Unfortunately, he was somewhat elusive. There were a handful of photo galleries on somewhat shady websites, a singular fansite (my own fansite for a female singer actually became affilliates with them at one point haha) and a family website run by his parents.

Though Robert would go on to do a couple of guest spots on popular TV shows (including “Veronica Mars” and “Life with Derek”) and act alongside LEGEND Julianne Moore, he seems to have retired from acting (his last role was a guest role on an episode of some Syfy show in 2010). He remains elusive online, with no official website or social media accounts – not even any cameos on Daniel’s Instagram!

It’s disappointing he’s no longer acting – he’s a fine performer, with great comic timing and a natural on-screen presence. And of course, my little fangay heart feels robbed of current photos of my first celebrity crush.

Since there are no current photos of him, I’m sharing some photos from his active years here:

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