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This is the personal website of one queer, fem 90s kid who is obsessed with pop culture, nostalgia and literary theory. It’s like a combination of a twink’s tumblr page, queer/feminist zine, trashy gossip rag, 90s women’s glossy and literary journal.

I enjoy creating web pages that celebrate my favorite parts of popular (and sub-) culture β€” retro to contemporary, prestige to popular β€” and indulge in and explore some of my hobbies. I also occasionally dig a little deeper into my interests from various critical angles β€” mostly queer/feminist perspectives β€” like I do in my annual Spotify Wrapped reviews.

I believe in celebrating cultural productions (and people) that are often overlooked, devalued and misunderstood β€” and unpacking the reasons why. I’m particularly passionate about taking the femme seriously*, challenging binaries and avoiding extremes (by pushing them to their limits).

I believe the internet can be so much more than the sanitized corporate wasteland its become in this post-social media moment; we can be so much more than we’ve become. This is my attempt at creating the change I want to see β€” online and in the world β€” in my own small, weird way.

Be respectful, act in good faith and β€” most of all β€” have fun.

Check the updates page for info on what I've been working on lately. Keep reading to learn more about me. And be sure to explore the rest of the site (click around or view the channels page or site map) and check back often!

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