6/16/2021: Gearing up for some MAJOR life changes, so haven't had a lot of time to work on my site. :( But today I took some time to make a new page for music!

4/22/2021: OK so it truly has been awhile since I've updated this site lmao. Work has been sucking all the energy out of me so I haven't taken the time to play with this site, but tonight I was reminded of how fun and rejuvenating it can be. No huge updates today, just added some graphics and icons to the Britney shrine. More graphics and additional content will be added to this and other pages soon!

2/20/2021: Wow it has been a minute. I took some time today to update the Dreadlines page, including adding some commentary to the headlines page, as well as adding a couple of new links. I also got some work done on a landing page for the Gays Only page. I'll launch it as soon as I add in the actual content, which I'm hoping to do tomorrow!

2/3/2021: New layout on the art page and sexy new background on the gay page. Gonna eat some pizza and then might do a couple more updates tonight.

Update 10:48 p.m.: The pizza was good. Gave me enough fuel to add a landing page to the art section, and upload a gallery of vision boards. I also moved the web art that was previously on this page to a new page.

2/2/2021: Updated the Britney shrine and added a page of glitter graphics that I made. I also forgot to update this page last time to mention that I created a Channels page and site map for easier navigation. I'm hoping to add some more content to my shrines soon!

1/21/2021: Designed and updated the "Dreadlines" news section, which I expect will be a main feature of this site. Check back for the latest dystopian news with commentary lol.

1/20/2021: Updated the layout to the Britney shrine and threw together a quick shrine for Mary-Kate and Ashley. I have big plans for this one! If I ever get around to actually making content instead of just designing layouts lmao. But I also threw together a shrine for celeb culture instead of making content tonight sooo... who knows lol.

1/19/2021: It is 1 a.m. and I should be asleep but I just had to get a layout done for my Poppy shrine. Although I might want to change it already lmao. Stay tuned!

1/18/2021: I added the beauty page, which includes it's own design, and updated it with a list of my current favorite beauty products. I hope to eventually have enough content to give it its own landing page using this design. I also created a new landing page for my shrines page, and a new layout for my Britney shrine, which features some elements from old versions of her official site. :)

1/16/2021: I updated the homepage to reflect actual planned content, and added a few pages, including a page discussing my plans for this space; an about me page and an art page, both of which have been added the the sidebar navigation; a page to discuss vintage gay geocities websites and the wisdom contained therein; and a placeholder page for shrines to my favorite musical artists. I'm still trying to figure out what direction I want to take this site — earnest personal site, vaporwave shitpost, cynical art project, portfolio, blog? I'm open to suggestions — leave a comment on my Neocities profile if you have any. And in any case, I'm excited just to keep playing around on here, getting more experience with HTML and maybe connecting with people with similar interests and opinions. And, of course, meeting my future husband.

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