Welcome to my Poppy fan page!


Poppy graphics and (coming soon) photos!

Poppy News

05.17.22 NEW MERCH DROP! New items are available from the Popxmi Collection!

Poppy's on tour! Visit her official site for tour dates!

Site Updates

05.07.22 Gave this page a fresh new look, and added a new section with Poppy desktop wallpapers I made!

Links & Credits

Thanks to PoppyImages.com for the photos used in this layout!

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I'm Poppy: An Introduction

Who is Poppy?

My ranking of tracks from Poppy's new album!

Mostly an excuse to create a layout from the album photoshoot, haha.

Coming Soon: A tribute to "Am I a Girl?"

An album that changed my life. Preview the layout! (I'm obsessed with making layouts.)

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