Barbie Links

If you're a fan of Barbie or doll collecting, these websites and social pages can help you stay updated on Barbie/doll news, learn more about Barbie/doll history and connect with other collectors!

Barbie Websites

Barbie Reference
Great resource for identifying Barbie fashions and playsets, and learning about past (and cancelled!) Barbie releases. Check out their Fashion Avenue page!

Model Muse Wiki
In-depth resource with information on Model Muse dolls, Skipper dolls, Fashion Avenue releases and more!

Creators and Influencers

These are some of my favorite digital creators and influencers in the doll community. Most of them post a mix of unique original content, and news and reviews of new Barbie and doll releases.

Beauty Inside a Box
YouTube Instagram

The Doll Circle
YouTube Instagram

Clawdeena 9
YouTube Instagram

Mostly general toy/hobby content, but tons of Barbie/doll videos, too!
YouTube Instagram


Caitlin McKillop
Check out her videos about the Barbie movies!

Have You Heard?
Extremely informative, well researched videos about Barbie and doll history, though the text-to-speech narration can be distracting at times.

Fabulous photos of an impressive colelction!

A great source for Barbie news!

I love his Instagram stories, where he highlights interesting (and funny!) thrift store and flea market finds.

A great source for original doll images and Barbie news, from the friendly former web master of The Doll Cafe blog and forum.

Tons of images of this Mary-Kate and Ashley fan's HUGE doll collection, as well as info on cancelled releases.

Fantastic, requently-updated Instagram with information on past Barbie relaeases. Their post on doll variations are especially interesting.

Absolutely fabulous original doll photography with a gay, pop culture, high-fashion edge!