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Microsoft files patent to create chatbots that imitate dead people

This needs no commentary. It's straight out of "Black Mirror." Aside from the privacy concerns this raises, the chatbots produced by this would likely be more eerie than endearing.

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A winter storm caused Texas's power outage. Climate change likely caused the storm.

Snow in Texas is slightly alarming in itself, but the energy companies' response to the resulting power surge and their reasoning for not winterizing make this doubly distopian.

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AI chatbot shut down after learning to talk like a racist asshole

It's so sad that racism is so common online that machien learning picks it up so quickly and so often.

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Bluetooth chastity cages hacked to extort fetishists

This is something for Internet of Shit. While I can kind of understand the appeal of having a chastity cage a partner can control remotely, it also feels unnecessarily techy. I almost don't feel bad for the people who were hacked because, like... why would you own this in the first place? Not to yuck anyone's yum.

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Amazon stocks soar during coronavirus demand

It's so sad to see million-dollor companies grow even more as so many people struggle in the face of a global crisis.

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4 reasons to book a vacation now (yes, now)

This article was, of course, "presented in partnership with the U.S. Travel Association." By now I think it's been confirmed that traveling is fairly safe if precautions are taken, when this article came out, it just felt like propoganda from the airline industry.

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All of the best deals at Target right now

This article isn't so dystopian in itself, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy buying useless shit at Target myself every once in a while. But the fact that this article was on BuzzFeed's front page at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic felt bleak.

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Here's what the grim reality of climate change looked like In 2020

This needs no commentary. Every year, it becomes more and more clear that climate change is a reality we are going to have to learn to live with, rather than something we'll be able to prevent.

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