Welcome to my webspace!

I originally created this to be some kind of cynical digital art project commenting on the hopelessness of living in this late capitalist attention economy, but then I realized:

  1. That's kind of overdone, especially on Neocities (no tea no shade lol)
  2. The people who are doing that kind of work are doing it better than I ever could
  3. That kind of hopeless cynicism isn't as central to my worldview as resistance against hopelessness

While I still plan to include some cynicism (see "dystopian news" space on the homepage) and criticism/commentary here (if only because these themes often work their way into my art and writing), working on this site has reminded me of how fun personal web pages can be and I'm excited to try to actually share stuff about my hobbies and interests, in case anyone might find that interesting, too.

Content I'm planning includes:

Feel free to leave a comment on my Neocities profile with thoughts on this content or suggestions on what I should do with this space. And if you want to get to know a little more about me and my other hobbies, visit my about page. :)

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