2021 Updates [ARCHIVED]

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2021 Updates [ARCHIVED]


12/13/2021: Where the hell does the time go? How has it been almost a MONTH since I updated this site?! For some reason, I had random inspiration today to create a shrine to early noughties clothing brand, Primp. I still want to add more photos, but I did a little write up of the history, impact and legacy of the brand. It's a brand that's stuck with me for some reason and hadly anyone remembers it!

A couple of days ago, I also added a news update to my Caroline Moore fanpage -- her amazing holiday song "Freeze Time" is now on streaming! Give it a listen if you want fun Y2K pop vibes this holiday.

11/15/2021: My current hyper fixation is comedian and TikToker Caroline Moore. I recently discovered her original song "Freeze Time" on YouTube and fell in love with her humor and love of 2000s teen pop culture. So of course, I had to put together a shrine dedicated to her, created in the style of a 2000s celebrity fan site. I may do a little more work across the site tonight, but I'm happy I got this section done! Honestly, I think this is my most fleshed-out shrine so far haha.

Update 10:51 p.m.: I went ahead and added content to the Robert Clark shrine I created a few weeks ago, and added some new photos to the Nico Tortorella shrine. I found so many great new pictures of Nico, I kind of want to make a new layout for that shrine now haha. But I should probably add some content to my other shrines first lol.

11/07/2021: I updated my childhood barbie collection page with a little blurb and photos of Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie. I randomly remembered owning this doll after the commercial was posted to one of the nostalgia accounts I follow on Youtube. I'm thinking of adding some of the ads to the Barbie shrine. I really want to do a lot of work on this site but I'm getting burnt out from work and prepping for the holidays. But I'm hoping once the holidays are here and things slow down, I can do more.

10/27/2021: Added a new page to the Barbie shrine reminiscing about some Barbie dolls from my childhood collection. It was fun to walk down memory lane and I hope this page brings some people happy memories! I still need to go through and proofread it and double check the code but I think it's mostly funcitonal.

10/26/2021: Work and life have been strsesful so I've either been too exhauted or depressed and uninspired to work on this site. But finally today I got the itch to work on some new things, so I set up a couple of new shrines -- one for American icon Barbie, and one for a retired Canadian d-list actor lol. I feel like I'm getting better at designing layouts and understanding html/css a little more. I think I finally learned how to properly style all my different links! haha. I'm excited to add some content to these sections and keep workingon the site! Pretty soon I'll have to go through all my existing pages and fix the code I've since learned is fucked up lmao. Until then...

10/06/2021: Call the horny police because I made another hot guy shrine. This one is dedicated to "Law & Order SVU" actor Christopher Meloni. I also worked on a layout for a Katy Perry shrine that I'm really proud of. I hope I'll be able to add some content here (and to my other new shrines) soon, but honestly I'm enjoying just making these layouts and experimenting more with the look of them, while getting more practice with html and css. So I can't promise I won't make a million more holding pages for random shrines haha.

10/05/2021: The Nico Tortorella shrine is done! Enjoy the eye candy (if that's your thing!). :)

10/03/2021: So the new pages I made at the end of last month reminded me how much I love designing layouts, so I've been inspired lately to make some new shrines, mostly to play around with new layout designs, but also to hopefully add some fun new content once I finalize the designs. There's shrines to Sex and the City and actor Nico Tortorella, and a new page in the Britney shrine. I'm hoping to add some content to these pages soon!

9/25/2021: Created a new shrine devoted to teen magazines of the late 90s and early 2000s (and their gloriously tacky websites). Might make some more content for this section soon so stay tuned! I also need to update the navigation throughout the website and the site map since I've changed so much. I hope I can do that sometime this weekend!

9/24/2021: So I finally made those big life changes I've been talking about. New city, new job. And since my job involves graphic design and coding, I was inspired to take some time on this slow day and work on a new Poppy layout, while listening to her new album "Flux." The result is a new page in the Poppy Shrine.

Now that I'm settled into my apartment (I just set up my workspace yesterday when my desk was FINALLY delivered), I'm inspired to work on content for this site, including cleaning up the code now that I'm not as rusty as I was when I first started the site haha. Stay tuned!

Update 11:55 p.m.: Did some major retooling to the Poppy shrine, giving it it's own folder and breaking up content into new pages (including a new layout for a coming section!).

8/8/2021: Added some new content to Gays Only. It was realy fun putting these pages together and writing my little essay on my experience with the magazine some of the content is pulled from. This is kind of what I plan to do with the early gay web article, as well as this site as a whole. I'm really wanting to explore the (especially digital/internet) media that shaped me. I going to play around with some other sections of the site tonight, and I'll update this entry if there are any other major developments.

Update: OK so it's 1:18 a.m., so technically it's the day after I made this update, but I'm hoping to do some more work tomorrow, so wanted to mention here that I've done some work on the Poppy shrine.

8/5/2021:Ugh another dispapointing development in my life plans today. Looks like I may be spending some significant time on this site the next week or so after all haha. Tonight, I did some planning for content and laid out an old Cher article from Star magazine in the tabloid shrine. I also laid out a version on the Gays Only page, but I have something a little different planned for that one, which is more aligned with my original plans for this site.

I really feel like my vision for this site is finally coming together! I'm excited to keep working on it. Although I do wish my life plans were coming along more easily, I'm happy I at least I have a job to look forward to at the end of the month. But I'll save those details for a diary seciton, if I ever make one, haha.

8/4/2021: So my exciting life changes have stalled for a bit, so I have time to work on this site again. I'm hoping I can make some updates I've been wanting to do for awhile this week. Today, I aded a few links to the link page, as well as some buttons and codes to link back to this site if you want. :)

6/16/2021: Gearing up for some MAJOR life changes, so haven't had a lot of time to work on my site. :( But today I took some time to make a new page for music!

4/22/2021: OK so it truly has been awhile since I've updated this site lmao. Work has been sucking all the energy out of me so I haven't taken the time to play with this site, but tonight I was reminded of how fun and rejuvenating it can be. No huge updates today, just added some graphics and icons to the Britney shrine. More graphics and additional content will be added to this and other pages soon!

2/20/2021: Wow it has been a minute. I took some time today to update the Dreadlines page, including adding some commentary to the headlines page, as well as adding a couple of new links. I also got some work done on a landing page for the Gays Only page. I'll launch it as soon as I add in the actual content, which I'm hoping to do tomorrow!

2/3/2021: New layout on the art page and sexy new background on the gay page. Gonna eat some pizza and then might do a couple more updates tonight.

Update 10:48 p.m.: The pizza was good. Gave me enough fuel to add a landing page to the art section, and upload a gallery of vision boards. I also moved the web art that was previously on this page to a new page.

2/2/2021: Updated the Britney shrine and added a page of glitter graphics that I made. I also forgot to update this page last time to mention that I created a Channels page and site map for easier navigation. I'm hoping to add some more content to my shrines soon!

1/21/2021: Designed and updated the "Dreadlines" news section, which I expect will be a main feature of this site. Check back for the latest dystopian news with commentary lol.

1/20/2021: Updated the layout to the Britney shrine and threw together a quick shrine for Mary-Kate and Ashley. I have big plans for this one! If I ever get around to actually making content instead of just designing layouts lmao. But I also threw together a shrine for celeb culture instead of making content tonight sooo... who knows lol.

1/19/2021: It is 1 a.m. and I should be asleep but I just had to get a layout done for my Poppy shrine. Although I might want to change it already lmao. Stay tuned!

1/18/2021: I added the beauty page, which includes it's own design, and updated it with a list of my current favorite beauty products. I hope to eventually have enough content to give it its own landing page using this design. I also created a new landing page for my shrines page, and a new layout for my Britney shrine, which features some elements from old versions of her official site. :)

1/16/2021: I updated the homepage to reflect actual planned content, and added a few pages, including a page discussing my plans for this space; an about me page and an art page, both of which have been added the the sidebar navigation; a page to discuss vintage gay geocities websites and the wisdom contained therein; and a placeholder page for shrines to my favorite musical artists. I'm still trying to figure out what direction I want to take this site — earnest personal site, vaporwave shitpost, cynical art project, portfolio, blog? I'm open to suggestions — leave a comment on my Neocities profile if you have any. And in any case, I'm excited just to keep playing around on here, getting more experience with HTML and maybe connecting with people with similar interests and opinions. And, of course, meeting my future husband.

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