I created these avatars, featuring some of my favorite singers, actors and celebrities. Feel free to download them for personal use. DO NOT hotlink these images and if you re-post them somewhere, DO NOT remove any tags, and consider a text credit or link back. :)

Britney Spears

Click here to view my Britney Spears avatars and icons in my Britney shrine.

Ashley Tisdale - 100x100


Fiona Apple - 100x100


Hilary Duff - 100x100


Jacob Elordi - 100x100


Jessica Simpson - 100x100


Katy Perry

Click here to view my Katy Perry graphics on my Katy Perry shrine.

Kerli - 100x100


Majid Jordan - 100x100



Click here to view my Poppy graphics in my Poppy shrine.

Selena - 100x100


Selena Gomez - 100x100


Sex and the City - 100x100


Superstore - 100x100


Zac Efron - 100x100




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