09/14/2023 So the plus side to work leaving me exhausted and broke is that it's forcing me to find ways to pass the time without spending money. I've been doing a lot of hanging out and reading in the park, which has actually inspired me to get back into writing and creating again. And of course, working on the site is a fun way to pass the time without spending money! So I spent some time this week working on a page I've been thinking about for awhile:

I have one more page I want to add to this section and then I'm hoping to work on some other newness soon! Boo for being broke but yayy for being inspired!!

08/10/2023 Holy shit my new job has been exhausting and insane, so please excuse the lack of updates. If you're a Neocities member who follows my profile, you've probably already seen the small updates I've manged to make since this page was last updated:

Not sure when I'll be able to update again, but hope to be back soon!!

05/27/2023 I was happy to take some time to sit down and work on the site today. There is so much more I want to do with this space and neocities/the internet in general, but I've actually been enjoying real life more lately haha. For now, a couple of quick updates:

I'm starting a new part-time job next week and finishing a freelance gig later in the month. After that, I should hopefully be able to fit in more time to work on the site or at least figure out how much time I want to spend on it.

04/18/2023 So much for being on top of site updates lmao. Lots going on in my life keeping me away from the site, but I did make some time for a couple of new additions:

Part of me wants to do a total site redesign. Part of me is unsure how much time I have to spend on the site at all with everything going on. I guess we'll see haha.

02/28/2023 I've been better, the past month or so, at doing work on the site, but am still working on logging things in a timely manner. The main story on the homepage has gone through two changes since my last update! Here's what I've been working on:

Between recent travels and some work chaos, things have been kind of crazy lately. But I have a million things I want to do with this site and I can't wait to work on it more!

01/14/2023 Happy New Year! As returning users may notice, I gave the main website layout a fresh new look. It's partially inspired by the new year, but also by my changing vision for this site. I started this website when I was in a really dark place and wanted to do a cynical parody of the corporatized web. But seeing all the people on Neocities and in the Yesterweb community who use their webspace to earnestly celebrate and share their varied interests inspired me to drop the mask of satire. I'll always have a snarky side to everything that I do, and I do love the camp/pop art vibes of keeping the AOL design theme. But making this site has been so fun, I'm over being an edgelord, haha.

The holidays did end up being pretty busy, thanks in part to some cancelled flights (ugh), so I didn't get the chance to work on this site as much as I wanted to. But per the theme of the new layout (you'll see I decided to call it "revival"), I have a renewed motivation to put a little more effort into the site (and honestly, my life haha) in 2023. For now, here's a log of the most recent updates, made late last year:

Here's hoping I'm actually able to commit time to keep adding all the content I'm freshly inspired to create!

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